About Us


Combining over 10 years of experience and a lifetime of passion, Our Handmade cake company began life in UAE in 2009.

At Patisserie Apolo we are passionate about delivering quality over the highest expectation. We offer you an amazing range of our highly fashionable, yet classic Cakes, Cookies and Arabic sweets which by their simplicity, elegance and delicacy make the perfect gift for every occasion.

Our products are freshly handmade using only the finest ingredients, from European strawberries, Belgian chocolate, bourbon vanilla to the greenest pistachios you could find.

We are also pleased to now offer a wide range of 3D cakes and by consultation for weddings, other special occasions. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.


At the tender age of 15 I had my first introduction to a proffetional kitchen. Working in my family business I was able to gain a wealth of confidence and experience. I used this experience in restaurants throughout the UAE where I continued to cultivate my passion for food.


Our bakery is full of familiar kitchen tools, but on a larger scale, allowing us to hand make all of our cakes for that genuine, artisanal look and taste. All our cakes are scratch-baked using ingredients you’d be happy to find in your fridge or larder at home. We don’t add artificial preservatives or colors and we don’t use fats that have been hydrogenated or things that have had their genes tampered with. We only use free-range eggs.